TeamTemps Personnel Staffing, Inc.


"I want to sincerely thank the entire staff at Teamtemps for the great opportunities they have provided me in the past and for the wonderful career which has resulted.

"About four years ago I was seeking temporary employment. I was placed with Joseph Food Service as a customer service representative handling some of their military accounts during a buyout period when the IJ Company would eventually acquire and restructure the firm. After the initial restructuring and proving myself, I was moved to a position in customer relations and became the point of contact for all military accounts.

"Soon after, a position for an account executive became available. For over a year, I have successfully filled the position of European Sales Executive. I have visited several countries across the globe, such as Italy, Germany and England. For the first time, I actually love my job - thanks to Teamtemps."

Tracy L. Boreman, European Sales Executive, IJ Company